Tips To Maintain Your Diamond Jewelry Sparkling

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Engagement Rings
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Diamond Rings

Nobody likes their diamond jewelry to look dull and lifeless. However, diamonds can easily attract dirt and oil which can reduce their sparkle as well as appeal. Therefore, it is important to be careful when maintaining your diamond jewelry. Some excellent tips you can try to maintain the appeal of your jewelry are listed below:

Keep Your Jewelry In A Padded Box

It is better to keep your diamond rings and other pieces of jewelry in a padded box, as rough surfaces can cause them to get scratched. Even though your natural or lab grown diamonds can be very durable, they might get chipped if their vulnerable points are exposed to a greater force. So when you are not wearing your jewelry, make sure to keep each piece separately so that they won’t rub against each other thereby causing damage.

Avoid Too Humid Or Too Dry Places To Store The Jewelry

Even if diamonds won’t be affected by humidity and temperature to a great extent, there can be many other stones in your jewelry that can get damaged easily. Pearls and opals are some such stones that might get discolored easily.

Also, humidity can cause the metals of your diamond jewelry to tarnish thereby reducing their appeal. So if you live in humid places, make sure to give extra care to your ornaments.

Scrub The Stone With A Soft Brush

Just washing your diamond is not enough to clean it, as the oil and dirt may not get removed easily. So scrub these stones with a soft brush to remove the impurities present on their surface. But always be gentle, as rough scrubbing can damage your gemstones. Additionally, your metal might also get scratched.

Prepare Your Own Cleaning Liquid

Mix equal amounts of water and ammonia and keep your jewelry in this solution for about 30 minutes. You can also use other mild cleaning agents like dish wash liquid, shampoo, etc. to clean your diamond rings.

Take Off Your Ring Before Your Shower

The chlorine present in the water is not good for your stones. So it is better to remove your diamond jewelry before you take a bath.

Avoid Exposure To Chemicals

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

The chemicals present in your perfumes, hair sprays, etc. can damage your ring. Therefore, make sure to avoid your gemstones coming into contact with them.

Additionally, you should take your diamond jewelry to a jeweler who can clean it professionally, so that your rings can look brand new.

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