A Buying Guide For Blue Diamonds

Natural Diamond
Natural Diamond
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

For a long time, colorless diamond rings have been very commonly used as engagement rings. People with character don’t usually go where the herd goes. If you are such a person and you don’t want a colorless diamond for your engagement ring, then blue diamonds can be a fantastic option for you.

Natural blue diamonds are very rare and extremely expensive. A blue diamond can provide you with a unique and marvelous appearance that no other colorless diamond can offer. In this article, we are providing you with a brief buying guide for blue diamonds.

Blue Diamonds

The element named boron is responsible for the rich blue color of a blue diamond. The boron atoms replace some carbon atoms in the diamond lattice, thereby providing its blue color. These rare diamonds can only be seen in very few diamond mines around the world. Let us now look at the parameters that determine the quality and price of a blue diamond.

Color Of A Blue Diamond

Saturation of blue color, hue, and are the three major factors that determine the color grade of a colored diamond. Blue is the primary hue of a blue diamond. Colored diamonds can also have secondary hues. The most common secondary hues seen in blue diamonds are green and grey. If the secondary hue detracts from the primary hue, the price of the diamond diminishes.

The intensity of the color is represented by saturation. As you can imagine, blue diamonds with a higher saturation are more expensive. Color grades of colored diamonds are different from that of colorless diamonds. The color grades of blue diamonds or any other colored diamonds range from faint to fancy dark.

Clarity Grade Of A Blue Diamond

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Similar to colorless diamonds, inclusions and flaws reduce the clarity grades of a colored diamond including blue diamonds. If color saturation is high, it can effectively hide some flaws and imperfections in the diamond. Choosing eye-clean blue diamonds can save you some money and hence you can prefer diamonds of clarity grades SI1 or SI2.

Cut Quality Of A Blue Diamond

Colorless diamonds are cut to enhance maximum scintillation, brilliance, and fire but colored diamonds are cut in such a way that it maximizes the color intensity of the diamond. If you want, you can emphasize the cut quality of your blue diamond, but keep in mind that a higher cut quality increases the price exponentially.

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