Everything You Want To Know About Flush Setting Diamond Rings

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Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

A flush setting, also known as a hammered or gypsy setting, is a superb choice for people who are looking for a very practical jewelry setting. This is one of the minimalist but eloquent ring designs. This setting can provide you with ample security and suits people who don’t like flashy rings. So if your life partner is a fan of minimalistic designs, you can definitely use this setting for your engagement ring.

In this article, we are explaining more about flush setting diamond rings. Read along if you are interested to find more about the flush setting.

Flush Setting

In a flush setting ring, the diamond is placed into a drilled hole in the metal ring. The diamond completely sinks into the metal band hole. The stone does not protrude out of the ring and hence the diamond is only visible from the top view. The major advantage of this setting is that the diamond is very safe in the ring and there is no chance of dislodging the diamond with time. The metal is hammered down on the diamond which seals the diamond in place. Other gemstones with less hardness are difficult to set in a flush setting because they may chip or crack.

Merits Of Flush Setting

As mentioned earlier, the main advantage is the maximum security provided to the diamonds by the enveloping on all sides. It can easily withstand harsh impacts and hence you can easily use a flush setting diamond ring in any harsh conditions without the fear of chipping or wearing.

There are no metal prongs for securing the diamond in the ring. So you don’t have to worry about your ring snagging on your clothes. Different types of flush set jewelry including diamond earrings and pendants are available and you can use them daily without worrying about any damage.

There is no space for the dirt to get in as the diamond is perfectly seated in the groove. So it is very simple to clean the ring. Moreover, you don’t have to go to the jeweler for the maintenance of the ring.

Major Demerits Of Flush Setting

Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings

The major reason for people avoiding the flush setting is that the visibility of the stone is very low. Also, the size of the diamond seems smaller in a flush setting.

As all the sides are covered, the light entering the diamond is very less. This reduces the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond.

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