Diamond Shapes That Can Easily Chip

Diamond Shapes
Diamond Shapes
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

When picking a diamond shape for their engagement rings, most people usually consider its beauty, brilliance, size, and cost. But there are many other important aspects for you to consider when choosing a diamond shape for your ring. One of the important attributes among them is the safety of these stones. There are certain diamond shapes that can be more vulnerable to chipping and damage in comparison with other shapes. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of them so that you can protect your stones in a better way.

If you do a lot of strenuous activities with your hands, then it is important for you to avoid getting diamond shapes that can easily chip. The following are some of such diamond shapes that you should avoid if you engage in activities that can exert extra pressure on your stones.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Princess-cut diamonds are chosen by people because of a wide range of reasons. Their contemporary and edgy look is one of the most appealing factors about this stone that intrigues people. The sharp corners of this diamond cut can make your engagement ring unique and bold.

Additionally, princess diamonds look bigger than their round counterparts and they are also more affordable than the latter. The availability of a huge variety of engagement rings that feature princess-cut diamonds makes it easy for people to find an option that can suit them perfectly. Additionally, the availability of lab grown diamonds in all fancy shapes including princess diamonds can help people to get a bigger engagement ring for more affordable rates.

Even though princess-cut diamonds have a lot of appealing benefits, they can be highly vulnerable to chipping when compared to other diamond shapes with rounded corners. The four pointed corners of a princess-cut diamond make this stone extremely vulnerable to chipping.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Pear is another stunning shape in diamonds. The tear-drop design of this diamond shape is promised to grab attention. But this diamond cut also has a pointed corner that can chip easily if not protected properly.

Marquise-Cut Diamonds

Marquise-cut diamonds come with a rounded center and two pointed corners. This diamond cut has an elongated shape that can be a great option to make your fingers look thinner and longer.

Trillion-Cut Diamonds

This diamond cut has a triangular shape with pointed corners. It can offer a distinct look for your ring in comparison with other common diamond shapes. However, it can be vulnerable to chipping because of the pointed corners.

If your ring has any of these diamond shapes, it is important to remove it when engaging in activities that can exert pressure on your rings.

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