Your Guide To Buying Loose Diamonds

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Diamond Rings
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A lot of people choose to get loose diamonds instead of mounted ones, as it gives them more choices when selecting the shape, carat weight, and quality of their stones. Additionally, getting loose diamonds allows you to closely inspect them to analyze their features as well as imperfections. Loose diamonds can also be a good investment when compared to mounted stones, as the value of the latter can depreciate greatly over time. But if you are planning to get diamonds as an investment, it is better to go for natural ones instead of lab grown diamonds, as these synthetic stones do not have much resale value.

If you are planning to purchase loose diamonds, then we offer a guide that can be beneficial for this purpose.

Set A Budget

You have to decide how much money you can spend on your loose diamonds. This can help to narrow down your choices in terms of quality and carat weight. Setting a budget beforehand can also be beneficial to avoid overspending on these stones. Choose a budget that is comfortable for you, and do not be obligated to spend beyond your means just because others do so. Also, loose diamonds can be more affordable than diamond rings and other pieces of mounted jewelry.

Attain A Fundamental Knowledge About The 4Cs

It is better to have an idea about what the 4Cs of a diamond means before purchasing your stones. These are important quality parameters that are vital in determining a diamond’s value and worth.

You should also have a basic knowledge about other important factors that can impact the price of your diamonds like their shape, fluorescence, “bowtie” effect, etc.

Buy Only Certified Diamonds

You might be tempted to get non-certified diamonds, as they come at cheaper rates in comparison with certified stones. But diamond certifications from gemological labs like the GIA and IGI are important to ensure their value. Therefore, always ask for diamond certifications when getting these costly stones.

Purchase Online

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Getting diamonds online can be highly affordable than getting them from “brick and mortar” stores. You can also get a wide selection of loose diamonds by buying them online.

It is also possible for you to compare different diamonds and their prices by choosing to purchase from online diamond vendors. But when buying online, you have to find a reputable and trustworthy diamond dealer, as the internet can have a large number of scammers.

So if you are planning to buy loose diamonds, make sure to consider these factors so that you can get the best stones at more affordable rates.

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