Wedding Ring Styles And Metal Options

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Wedding rings are as important as engagement rings for the wedding day. This means that you should focus on a wedding ring almost the same way as on an engagement ring. Here, we will offer you a few directions to choose your new wedding band.

Choosing A New Wedding Ring Style

The biggest consideration to make when making this choice is whether it fits your engagement ring’s style. For instance, if the latter ring boasts a diamond halo, the wedding ring should fit accordingly. Couples tend to pick eternity bands that come to the market as plain bands or pave-set diamond rings.

There are many considerations to make about the style, like whether your future partner wants the same precious metal as their engagement ring.

Wedding Ring Styles

Plain Metal Band

A timeless option is a wedding ring without gemstones set on it. This form of jewelry can match an engagement ring with any style and is good for a practical person who does not wish to fear losing or damaging it.

Pave Band

The word pave refers to a wedding ring with stones, usually diamonds, set the whole way or halfway around it. You can go for lab grown diamonds that encircle half the length of the band when you are on a budget. It can go well with an engagement ring with a cushion-shaped diamond halo setting or a pave setting.

Choosing A Precious Metal

Wedding rings have long been composed of white gold, yellow gold, platinum and silver.

White Gold

A durable form of precious metal, white gold has some amount of scratch resistance. While it is cheaper than platinum, keeping the shine of white gold requires rhodium-plating it once in a while.

Yellow Gold

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Yellow is the purest gold color; it is easier to maintain than all other types of gold. Yellow gold may not become scratched easily but should be cleaned and polished frequently.

Rose Gold

A rose gold band is not only durable but also cheaper than many other wedding ring materials. Rose gold is non-hypoallergenic, so it may not be good for a person with sensitive skin.


Are you seeking a ring made of hypoallergenic precious metal that is more durable as compared to white gold? If so, look no further than platinum. But it is costlier than the above-mentioned wedding band options as well as develops scratches and dullness over time.

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