How To Take Good Care Of Your Engagement Ring?

Engagement Ring
Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

Your diamond engagement ring is a piece of jewelry close to your heart, which should go without saying. Because of this, maintaining proper engagement ring care should always be a top priority. Now that it’s a permanent fixture on your hand, you’ll want to ensure that it looks elegant for many years to come.

Here are some tips for taking good care of your engagement ring.

Insure The Ring

To protect your financial investment in the event that something is misplaced, stolen, or broken, insurance is necessary. Considering the increase in the value of precious metals and diamonds, it is also a good idea to have your jewelry appraised every five years. The insurance value of a lost item that was worth 10 years ago would be far lower than the actual replacement cost.

Do Not Remove Your Ring in Public

In public facilities, it is necessary to wash your hands, but you should resist the impulse to take off your diamond ring. It’s just too easy to drop your ring down the drain or worse, leave it on the sink ledge.

Avoid Approaching The Center Stone Too Closely

Never touch the core stone. Diamonds and other precious stones attract dirt and grease. Hold the band, not the stone, when putting on or taking off your ring. If it’s hazy, your stone is dirty.

Keep The Ring In Good Condition

You shouldn’t clean your diamonds using common cleaners. Our recommendation is to have your pricey and delicate engagement ring properly steam-cleaned by a professional jeweler.

Avoid Applying Strong Chemicals

Always take off your ring before cleaning and never use any harsh chemicals. The polish of a ring can be damaged by bleach and other cleaning agents, and they can even ruin gemstones.

Avoid Exposing Your Ring To Pointless Wear And Tear

Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring

Despite being one of the hardest natural materials in the world, diamonds can chip when they are cut and polished. A cut diamond’s table can occasionally become worn or damaged. Don’t bang it up against anything solid. Additionally, remove your ring before engaging in manual labor.

Professional 14K White Gold Cleaning

Your jeweler can rhodium-plate a 14K white gold engagement ring setting to make it look new again. 14K white gold scratches off and may become yellow over time. Rhodium plating is another easy change your jeweler can make.

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