Problems Related To The Mining Of Diamonds

Diamond Shapes
Diamond Shapes
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

When getting engagement rings, a lot of people prefer to find out the source of diamonds used in them to make sure that they are conflict-free. The diamond industry has its own fair share of ethical, social, and environmental issues that can make your diamonds unethical. People today are more aware of the issues associated with the mining of diamonds, hence, they prefer ethical diamonds to ensure that they are not contributing to the environmental hazards and other problems associated with the mining of diamonds.

Blood Diamonds

Diamond mining can result in a wide range of issues. You might have often heard the term “blood diamonds”, which is used to denote diamonds that are mined from war zones. These diamonds were used to fund rebels and thus serve an unethical cause.

The mining of these diamonds was linked to human rights violations and exploitation of workers. But when the awareness about these “conflict diamonds” grew, measures like The Kimberly Process were introduced to ensure that the diamonds are conflict-free. The Kimberly process tracks down a diamond from its origin to where it is sold. This can help to ensure that your diamonds are not sourced from mines that are associated with funding unethical activities like wars.

However, The Kimberly Process is not foolproof, as it does not address the environmental hazards and human rights violations associated with the mining of diamonds.

The following are some of the common issues associated with the mining of diamonds.


Although a lot of brutal civil wars have ended now, violence in the diamond mines still remains a serious issue. Many diamonds that you see in jewelry stores can be associated with human rights abuses like forced labor, child labor, torture, and even murder.

Labor Issues

Many of the diamonds that are now in circulation are harvested using unethical practices that exploit workers, communities, and even children. Low wages, unsafe working conditions, improper training, lack of proper tools, etc. are reported in association with diamond mining.

Environmental Problems

The mining of diamonds destroys ecosystems, land, and water thereby resulting in severe environmental hazards.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

When getting mined diamonds, make sure to check their origin to ensure that they are conflict-free. But if you prefer real ethical diamonds, then it is better to avoid mined diamonds altogether.

You can get lab grown diamonds or diamond simulants that come with fewer environmental problems and other issues linked with the mining of diamonds. Plus they are also highly affordable than mined diamonds.

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