How To Determine Whether Your Mounted Diamonds Are Real?

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Finding out if your diamonds are real or fake can be a difficult task, especially, if they are mounted. You might have to take help from a jeweler to check whether they are real. When buying loose diamonds, it can be easy for you to check the inscription and other features on them to find their originality. However, checking the originality of mounted diamonds can be difficult, as they can be covered by the metal of the jewelry.

But certain simple tricks can be helpful for you to determine if your mounted diamonds are real. Some of them are listed below so that you can find out the originality of mounted diamonds at home. These tricks can be helpful for you whether you have natural or lab grown diamonds.

The Fog Test

This is one of the simplest yet effective tests to find out if your mounted diamonds are real or fake. Hold the diamond jewelry in front of your mouth and breathe on it so that a thin layer of fog will be formed on it.

If the fog is dispersed quickly, then the diamond is real, as real diamonds disperse heat instantly. Hence, the heat present in your breath will be easily dispersed by the real diamonds. But if the diamonds are fake, then the fog can stay on top of your stones for a few seconds. If you repeatedly breathe on fake diamonds, then the stone will fog more and more with each puff. However, real diamonds will stay clean and clear even if you repeatedly breathe on them.

Testing The Mounting

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Real diamonds won’t be usually set in a cheap mounting. Hence, when getting mounted diamonds, make sure to check the setting of the stone. Metals like platinum and gold will be commonly used for diamond jewelry. Hence, find whether your jewelry is made up of these metals.

Check if your jewelry has a stamp that indicates “C.Z”. It stands for Cubic Zirconia, which is a type of synthetic diamond.

Use A Jeweler’s Loupe

A jeweler’s loupe can be helpful for you to closely inspect your diamond. Real diamonds can have imperfections like inclusions and blemishes. But fake diamonds usually don’t have them. Therefore, inspect your diamonds closely to find out whether they carry minute imperfections so that you can identify if they are real.

All these tips can be helpful for you to check whether the diamonds on your engagement rings and other diamond jewelry are real.

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